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What’s this?

SO what exactly is voXager?

In order to relate voXager’s story, we’ll have to go back a bit in time and touch a few subjects that, at first glance, don’t really seem to have to do anything with music. But we’re trying to keep it brief, so stay with us.

IT was the year 1999, when a German firm named Egosoft created and published a stunning computer game; a space trading, fighting and exploring simulation with an epic story to back it up. The game was then called “X – beyond the frontier” (which is where the X in voXager comes from). Until the present day, several new installments of the game have been published, with more to come.

Later in 1999, it was decided to publish the game’s story as a novel to go along with a special edition. The book was named “Farnham’s Legend” and, upon release in mid-2000, became quite popular with the game’s fans – and beyond, much to the astonishment of it’s author. Until 2009, four sequels followed (with an few more to come until 2013).

NOW the part where it’s about music 😉

Helge, the author of “Farnham’s Legend” (that would be he who is trying his darndest to avoid saying “I” and “me” in this article) is also an avid music fan, especially of the hard & heavy kind, but strangely enough, also likes keyboards. While the idea of creating a soundtrack for the book was as old as the book itself, it was always unclear how it could be done in a somewhat professional manner, and, most importantly, in what style. Metal and keyboards, could that be made to blend without attaching anything “Nu” to it? Good question.

In 2004, Helge discovered, that there already was a musical style of that sort. It was demonstrated by a Dutch prog rock/metal project called “Star One” (better known as “Ayreon”), that had just released a two-disc album, all songs on it sci-fi themed, with both guitar shreddings and lots of clever keyboard work. The name of that album was “Space Metal”. Helge was immediately hooked.

But almost two more years went by before, in august 2006, Helge decided to eventually try and put music to the words of the book. The genre would losely adhere to the “Star One/Ayreon” space metal style, and by using a low-cost DAW (digital audio workstation) it should be possible to produce something of some quality – after climbing the DAW’s steep learning curve. Friends and bandmates were asked to join the voXager project, and the production of the album (working title: “Beyond the Frontier”) began.

TODAY, the grand scheme looks like this: Record everything at home that can be done with a reasonable quality (e.g. keyboards, e-guitars), and everything else in a studio (or studio-like situation). Right now (12/2011) all keys, bass and drums have been recorded. Guitars and vocals are in the making. Next, have it mixed and mastered by pros during spring/summer 2012, and have a finished master by end of 2012. Give away the album for free online, under a creative commons licence, and encourage those who like it to donate some money, or buy the jewelcased CD. After all, even if it’s going to be one of the less expensive productions (price-wise, not quality-wise), it will nevertheless cost some heavy money to make. We’re speaking of several thousand €uro here, privately funded by voXager itself.

YES, and that’s that. This is the prequel to voXager – only time will tell what comes next

Time, and this site.

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