Making Of voXager » Musicians


Helge Kautz [de] — songwriting, lyrics, keys, organisation
If it rocks, if it’s coming from the heart, if it has melody and power — and if possible, a tiny dose of spaceship — chances are you’ll find Helge nearby…

Sven Putze [de] — co-writing, guitars
Music from human to human is his passion — be it blues, rock, metal or something entirely new. And pulling the strings, fast or slow, is his means to this end…

Nio Velvet [de] — Vocals

Mastermind and vocalist of German goth rock band Killing Smile, Nio has an amazing sense for haunting yet beautiful melody lines; his powerful voice will truly bring Capt. Kyle Brennan’s adventures alive.
Henrika von Buddenbrock [de] — Vocals

Henny is one of the earliest members of voXager, and she lends her beautiful voice to the project’s first song — with more to come! Without Henny, voXager wouldn’t be the same.
Laura ten Hoedt [nl] — Vocals

Discovering her talent for music early on in her life, Laura has made her passion into a profession. Her strong voice carries emotions far into the depths of space of the voXager universe…
Cherelle-Renée Childs [us-ca-ecu] — Vocals

Cheryl discovered prog and space metal entirely by accident in 2004 and decided to dedicate her musical training to it. She never imagined she’d play a Saurian, but Nopileos quickly became one of her favorites.
Sebas Honing [nl] — Lead Guitar

Hailing from Roosendaal, Netherlands, Sebas lends beautiful melody lines, precise riffing and unforgettable solos to the voXager universe. Each song he touches with his talent begins to shine instantly.
Daniel Junglas [de] — The Patriarch

Daniel doesn’t look evil at all, but performing the role of The Patriarch, the machiavellian villain, he squeezes the last bit of poison from his vocal chords. It’s so bloodcurdling, it gives you gooseflesh.