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Song #7: Octahedron

Ladies and (hopefully not too) gentle men,

we present to thee song #7, Octahedron. It’s been composed by Sven, and once again, it’s a pretty flying piece of music. This version here is not the earliest of all drafts, but a draft nevertheless. Thus, it is missing bits and pieces here and there, but one can definitely hear where it’s heading.

The songs lyrics will be from the perspective of Nopileos, the saurian, so this will be Cheryl’s second appearance on voXager. But the lyrics have yet to be written, so it’ll be some time until the vocals can be recorded. So you’ll have to bear with the instrumental version for a while.

Alright, here we go, have fun (and hand me some of it while you’re at it):


Spread the word, not the disc… whatever 🙂

Helge of voXager

November 28th, 2008