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Sitting in their strange contraptions

Really, these are only fake lyrics. I can do better than that. You know it. Don’t you? Say you do! 🙂

So, I’ve worked a little on keys, harmonies, melody lines in this fucking complicated piece of progressive metal composed by Sven. I think that’s all there will be concerning keys, but there’ll be more vocals (more growling, more Henny), and a few more FX. But not today. So take these empty spaces and fill them with… yourself. And, err, the emptiness will fill you. Or whatever the guy says in the intro.

However, keep a Kleenex around and don’t make a mess. Have fun, you! 🙂


If you’re looking for me, I’m gone fishing. NO. Rocking! Gone rocking.


don’t kill me, don’t spill me, just thrill me,

yours faithfully,
Helge of voXager

July 5th, 2008

Sectors of Greed

Now we’re getting serious flak. Brennan is being chased down all the sectors in the Commonwealth of Planets, while he’s still unsure if this is a nightmarish dream or for real. This is the heaviest and proggiest song so far, and it’s the first one on this project that was written by Sven — not the last one, however!

This is still a very early draft version, but the guitars, the bass and the drums and some of the keys are already near-final. You get an idea of where this is headed. Have fun:


I certainly hope that you like this one. I for one do (especially now that the drums are so pretty fucking cool :-))

don’t sue me, yadda yadda and so on and so forth 🙂

PS: I’d like to continue the tradition of greeting someone who is dear to my heart. Winke, winke Lala 😀

June 17th, 2008