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Nekkid Vocals

Hey everyone out there on the front! Today Henny was at the voXager study to record some serious vocals for song #4, Split Seconds. This time, unlike when we recorded in september, there were no viruses involved (virus as in a nasty cold), and the recording equipment chose to play fair as well. Of course I know this means, according to Murphy’s Law, something even worse will be happening soon — like, for instance, a large meteroite striking my house and hereby destroying everything that is voXager — we’ll have to live with that certainty, haven’t we? Are we men or mice? Mice, of course, what a question 🙂

However, today, we’ve put the singing corner in the voXager study to it’s first real test and I must say it’s working even better than I had anticipated. The vocals recorded come in very clean and dry, and are generally a pleasure to the ear. Below you see how it looks if some serious action is taking place at the voXager study:


Unfortunately, this is the only kind of serious action taking place here at the moment (if you catch my drift), ahem… then again, steering the album towards completion is also very rewarding.

To give you an impression of just how good the vocals are that we recorded today, I’ll show you a small part from the song — Henny’s vocal submix only. Hope you enjoy it:


So, what’s left for this song?

– Clean male vocals
– Growls
– Acoustic guitar (the one you hear in the previous demo is fake from a guitar sampler)

Piece of cupcake, right? Yup, totally 😉

Have a nice week

June 29th, 2008

Thank you for the music

Yeah, I know, that’s the title of a song by a swedish 1970’s pop group. Yeah, I sorta like them. Yeah, you all had your giggles now, so just let’s get it over with, will we? 😀 😀 😀

Today, dear Ms. Void, I’m going to give you an update on something we’ve not touched in nearly a year. It’s song #4, “Split Seconds”. Yes, lo and behold! We’re making progress on this long forgotten front.

I’ve just started putting together this song’s final audio project. It has nice drums and Sven’s cool guitar shreddings, but no vocals yet. I’m almost certain, though, that Henny and I recorded the female parts of the vocals sometime in september, but I can’t seem to find them. Yes, sue me! Dang!

Anyway. What we have here is not a polished roughmix — it is not even close. It’s just all the instrumental tracks thrown into the audio project and twiddled with volume/panning a little until nothing is wildly off of anything. No reverb, delay, no automation, no fancy FX, no nothing. I’d like to show you with this song how proper mixing can turn a confusing concoction of instrumental tracks into a coherent whole. Watch this place over the next few days, there’ll be updates!

To come to a conclusion, I’d like to tell you why I came up with this blog entry’s title in the first place. That’s easy: Because this song has it all. Jean-Michel Jarre, Abba, Dimmu Borgir. In this order. Listen for yourself:


Right? Right??? 😉

So I say… thank you for the music, guys, and keep it coming 🙂


PS: I’d like to greet someone who’s dear to my heart. Winke-winke, Lala 😀

May 7th, 2008

It’s a long way to Tipperary

But if I have to go a long way anyway and can’t use the car, then you might as well bet the better half of your private parts on it that I’m not going to Tipperary. I’m gonna Betelgeuse, Begelgeuse, Betelgeuse! Now what? Where’s the little guy, and where’s Winona? Ah, man, those drugs…

However, the reason I’m writing to you today, dear Ms. Void, is because I neglected doing so for the most of two months. It’s about time to reassure you once again that voXager’s not a corpse yet (albeit some of the musicians involved are certainly close. Names remain undisclosed due to our unspecified, yet very strict, privacy policy).

Well. I thought I’d upload the work-in-progress version of another song for you. It hasn’t got much non-virtual going on yet (apart from Sven’s guitar solo), but I suppose it sounds quite alright anyway. Song 4 — working title “Split Seconds” — has one of the most brutal double-bass and shredding parts of all voXager so far, albeit you wouldn’t suspect that from the relatively quiet first part, until it jumps into your face feet first sometime after three or four minutes.

Anyways, here goes:


Have phun, stay tuned, stay drugged and remember, I’m always

Yours truly
just don’t sue me

June 7th, 2007