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No, it’s true!

First of all, voXager extends a happy new year to all humankind and all the alienkinds out there as well. Peace and eternal life be unto all of you. No money-back guarantee, tho 😀

It may not be much, but we’ve got something for you as a little belated Newtonmas present: it’s a completely revamped — and, not at all conincidently, also re-amped — version of the album’s first song, Unto The Stars. Almost everything in it has been re-recorded and mixed down more cleanly. It’s still a roughmix, yes, but you can clearly hear that we’re quickly approaching this song’s final version now. Who’d have thunk — about time, a year into the making, you say? Right.

What’s more? Well, for those of you who lack patience, taste or courage, or simply dislike long-winded and beautiful keyboard intros, we’ve also produced a short version of the song. Basically a radio-edit, or as the kids say, a podcast version. They say that, don’t they? However, here goes, enjoy and as usually, continuing the tradition in 2008, I’ll remain

yours truly, don’t sue me

Short version:
Download here or listen directly:
Long version:
Download here or listen directly:

One more thing. I’ve been meaning to say that for quite a while now: KTHXBAI

January 3rd, 2008