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Birth of an intro

Maybe two weeks ago I’ve started — inspired by a famous classic tune — some experiments with pedal points. For a better fit into the voXager space theme I’ve chosen kind of a moog sound and started with this pattern:

Well, of course the timing was corrected, playing the keys is not really part of my daily routine 8) . To get more volume, some wind and the space organ were added, playing slightly different notes:

Still not knowing where this should end, I’ve played around with the drums and bassline…

… and suddenly the bunch of notes became an oriental touch, which was not intended right from the beginning. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what this should be about until that moment. From there on everything seemed so clear and obvious, the guitars continued the bassline, some strings and french horns to round out the ancient feeling.

To pay homage to the tune that inspired me right from the start, the sitar sound plays some of the original notes in a different timing (for two reasons: I didn’t want to copy it right away and it fits much more into the mood).
Like building blocks together every part slipped into its position – almost on its own *feel free to make some magic movement right now* 🙂 It’s like the wind in the desert dispensing the rumors of a Fata Forgana – suddenly you realise that nothing happend and only echoes remain…

After listening to it over and over again I wasn’t quite sure if voXager is the right home for this piece of music and asked Helge what he thought about it (not telling him about my doubts). He suggested to keep it as an intro (don’t take it for granted – this may change), because it was ready and complete for itself but too short for a song.

Download Ancient Memories – complete or listen directly:

If it stays on the schedule it truly needs a complete re-recording but you should get the drift 😉

January 30th, 2007

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