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Showtime… Show-fscking-TIME!

August 22nd, 2013 at 11:50pm helge

Dear alienated earthlings and other vermin,

I was tempted to make one of my tasteless jokes. But now I won’t. I’m too busy creaming my pants owing to sheer excitement. So I’ll just tell you in plain, simple words: Tracking will finish by next week! Only three more sessions, and we’re done. DONE! The mixing engineer is already looking into the stuff. Planning, no, actual *work* on a space-themed music video featuring Nopileos (Cheryl) and Cho t’Nnt (me) has started. There will be a voXager release soon, as movie DVD/BluRay, as CD, on iTunes, YouTube, on this site, and elsewhere. I will go bankrupt over this, but bankruptcy has never felt that sweet before. Six years on, and we’re finally here!

Okay, I repeat: The voXager debut album “Beyond the Frontier” will be released before the year is out. With some luck even before fall.

Now you can go cream your panties as well. Have fun, dream nice things, and stay afloat.

Höllge of voXager

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