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Captain aboard!

June 2nd, 2013 at 02:06pm helge

Hej everyone! Exciting news ahead!

Finally, and at long last, we welcome our new captain aboard the spaceship voXager! Nio Velvet, vocalist and mastermind of German goth metal band Killing Smile, came on board in may during USC voXager‘s recent shore leave.

Nio Velvet

Nio will be performing the role of main character Capt. Kyle Brennan, adding his deep and melodic style to the ship’s voice crew. We’ve already recorded about half of Brennan’s appearances, and to give you and idea where this is heading, here’s an example of Nio, telling the tale of Brennan’s first contact with those lizard folks:

[Download “Lizards”]

I guess you’ll now understand why I think this is really exciting! Stay tuned for more previews to come during the summer… or whatever they call “summer” on this dreadful excuse for a planet… :-/

So much for now; make war, not love, and have a nice one.

Höllge of voXager


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