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Prepare for touchdown

Dear vacuum-breathing creatures,

I’m happy to announce that the tracking of the final vocals will commence this weekend with Cho t’Nnt, the growly-screechy main character that is performed by me. During the weekend from november 24-25, another main character will be recorded, namely Elena Kho, performed by Laura ten Hoedt. Early on in December, most secondary characters vocals will be finished. I’m very excited; this is a huge step!

To make the best of the recording situation in the new voXager study — I’ll call it floor4 for the time being, because it’s on the 4th floor right in the center of Düsseldorf — I bought a way too expensive Clearsonic isolation booth. I’ll snap a few pictures as soon as somebody is in the booth.

Anyway — have a nice weekend.

Höllge of voXager


November 9th, 2012