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Moonship Going Down

A while ago I noticed that, storywise, there’s a gap between Song 9 and Song 10; the story failed to explain why Elena Kho suddenly appears on Argon Prime. This is a pretty crucial thing in the story, because it’s here where she meets Kyle Brennan again. So I decided to compose another song to tell the tale. And this is it, Song 9b, Getsufune Down:


The title might change, though; I’m not happy with the ring of it. Moonship Going Down is a hot candidate.

And while we’re at it: The working title of the album is Beyond the Heliosheath. The problem with that is, I don’t even know how to pronounce “Heliosheath”. Nobody does, except perhaps astrophysicists. Also, it’s too complicated. So I’m looking for something nicer that has a similar meaning. Something in the vein of Beyond the Sun or Beyond the Ocean of Space. I’m not decided yet. Any suggestions?

Well, however… stay clean. You too, Binary One 😛

Yours truly
Helge of voXager

September 27th, 2010