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You will be made wet!

Helge of voXager We don’t believe in guitars. That’s why there are none in this version of the song. But we might be inclined to add some at a later point in time. Perhaps, right? Perhaps! It all depends on whether somebody brings forth convincing arguments for guitars. Can you? 😀

On a more serious note though. We’re still staying the course as layed out last november: Prepare all songs without (real) guitars and vocals first, then record them all in one go. This is song #11, we’ve got five more to go, plus possibly an additional one. Stay tuned; we’re getting there.

So have a listen to “Conference of Disbelievers”, composed by Sven, deciphered, programmed and implemented, as usually, by yours truly, the BOFH of the starship USC Voxager.


Don’t sweat it, dear girls and other alien lifeforms of planet Summer! 😉
Helge of voXager

July 7th, 2010