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Year Four of Our Good Lady’s journey to the Stars

Helge of voXagerPeace be unto thee, my fellow astronaughts!

It recently dawned on me that we’re now well into the fourth year of our journey to the stars. Our Good Lady, the starship USC Voxager, took off in september 2006, and since then, the ETA has been pushed back a little… too often. But we’re getting there, I promise.

So, where are we standing today? The post below this one still holds true. I’ve just finished song #5 “Ship of The Moon” with real synths, and will proceed to song #6 “Greed and Gold” soon. If all goes well (which is unlikely to tell you the truth… it pretty much never does! :-)) I should be through the lot sometime in april.

While working on song #5, I had two epiphanies regarding mixing. The first one about a concept that I had never fully mastered, albeit I knew about it for years: depth offset using reverb. This never worked for me… until recently. Here’s how it’s done: pull down the fader on the desired channel strip while simultaneously dialing in lots of reverb using the channel’s send pot. That’s all, folks. Easy, right? Okay, the second thing I figured out is the proper usage of stereo width limiting. I’ve been fooling around with this for a while now, but it hit me only recently how it should be used: Mainly (and manly :-)) on subgroups. Give the atmo subgroup all the available stereo width, also the rhythm guitars, limit the keys subgroup stereo width a little, and the drums subgroup even a little more. Also the fx return subgroup. This, and the depth offset trick, make it much easier to differentiate between instruments in the mix. Took me five fuckin’ years to figure that super easy shit out, can you believe it? Anyways…

tl;dr: All well. Carry on.

Signing off,
Helge of voXager

January 15th, 2010