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Space Metal without Metal

Peace be unto you!

Many things have happened during the last few months, neither of which, unfortunately, had much to do with voXager. To get the shit moving once again I’ve made a few decisions, some of them pretty tough ones:

  1. Drums: We’re going to ditch the “real” drums. They’re just too problematic, timing-, mixing- and otherwise. That was quite a costly error.
  2. Guitars: We’ll have to carefully review what of the stuff already recorded can actually be used, and re-record if neccessary.
  3. Synth: All software synth are off the table, except, of course, samples, which goes without saying, right?
  4. Most importantly: I’m going to finish all 16 songs in a row now without guitars and vocals — just drums, bass, keys & fx. Only after I’m through with that we’re going to review guitars and re-record vocals, or start thinking about additional guest musicians.
  5. Reviewing, fixing, mixing, mastering only after everything else has been said and done.
  6. Mixing and mastering must be done here at the voXager study. There’s just no budget left to have it done elsewhere.
  7. That’s it.

And lo and behold, dear brain eating space monsters, here’s the first thing coming out of the new strategy. It’s the well known Song No. 1, “Unto the Stars”, with only drums, bass, real synth, fx and no guitars yet. It is, in effect, Space Metal without Metal. Have fun.

Unto The Stars:

And lookie what we got here, more songs, same procedure applied as above!


Wheel in Space:

Split Seconds:

Ship Of The Moon:

Greed & Gold:



Helge of voXager

November 13th, 2009