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I, for one, welcome our new synthetic Overlords!

February 10th, 2009 at 07:17pm helge

As you were probably completely unaware, all synths heard on the voXager project so far are coming from VA synthesizers — that is, software synthesizers. As much as I love Arturia’s Analog Factory, Gforce’s Minimonsta & Co. and Korg’s Legacy Collection, they’re most definitely not the real deal. Thus, the plan always had it to replace them with real synths when possible. Or at least don’t tell anybody we were essentially faking synths 🙂

But, dear brain-sucking alien monsters (especially those always complaining blonde teacher-monsters from the Ruhrgebiet — you know who you are :-P), these days have finally come to an end. In january and february I shelled out some cash on eBay to buy two real analog synthesizers, a 25 year old Roland JX-8P, and a not quite that old DSI Mono Evolver. I would also like to add a Moog Little Phatty to the machinery one time or another, but presently, that would be too expensive for a cheap hack like yours truly 🙂

That’s what voXager’s new vintage gear looks like:

jx-8p.jpg evolver.jpg

Nice, huh? I’d also fancy a Solina String Ensemble, but I suppose Elton John had bought them all by 1977, so the chances of me getting one are not all that great. Same with the Mellotron, although those were probably out-bought by Genesis before Peter Gabriel left, and albeit they sound just too cool, I’d rather not own one for the sheer insanity of their weight, handling, and maintenance (tape frames, for fork’s sake?!) So, these synth will suffice for the time being… and right thereafter.

Well then. Knowing that you can’t escape those robotic contraptions anyway, why don’t you just join me in welcoming our new synthetic Overlords? That’s not a plea. It’s mandatory. You’ll hear from them shortly. Promise!

Helge of voXager,
kissing some shiny metal ass

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