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An update of major proportions

NOT! 🙂

Hey guys, I’m busy writing a novel these days, and this doesn’t leave me with too much time on my hands for anything else. But don’t hold your breath, I’ll be fully back on board again by mid of september or so. However, naturally I did have some time to buy a new computer. As usually, a Macintosh, because my beloved sequencer software Logic Pro runs on Macs only, and well, I’m not overly ashamed to admit it, I do like them apples bunches. Small, but nicely shaped apples, right? Who wouldn’t love ’em? 😉

Here’s a nice pic of the new computer at the voXager study. To the right, you’ll see the old G5. It’s in perfect health, so if you wanna have it at €600,- drop me a note. For an extra fifty bucks I’ll consider not deleting the porn folder 🙂


Below there’s song 6 in a new version. Not much changed here. It’s just the first song bounced with the new intel Mac. I had to change a few instruments, but not too many. The guitars are now much wider, which increases overall transparency. I upped the mastering compressor gain by 1.5db, and the limiter by 2db. So perhaps this is already too loud. Do you hear distortion? I think there’s some, but hey. Somebody’s gonna fix that someday, right? Not me, and not today.


Cheers, and greetings to all you zombies 😛
Helge of voXager

PS: Titten sind Macht!

August 8th, 2008