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Nekkid Vocals

June 29th, 2008 at 09:24pm helge

Hey everyone out there on the front! Today Henny was at the voXager study to record some serious vocals for song #4, Split Seconds. This time, unlike when we recorded in september, there were no viruses involved (virus as in a nasty cold), and the recording equipment chose to play fair as well. Of course I know this means, according to Murphy’s Law, something even worse will be happening soon — like, for instance, a large meteroite striking my house and hereby destroying everything that is voXager — we’ll have to live with that certainty, haven’t we? Are we men or mice? Mice, of course, what a question 🙂

However, today, we’ve put the singing corner in the voXager study to it’s first real test and I must say it’s working even better than I had anticipated. The vocals recorded come in very clean and dry, and are generally a pleasure to the ear. Below you see how it looks if some serious action is taking place at the voXager study:


Unfortunately, this is the only kind of serious action taking place here at the moment (if you catch my drift), ahem… then again, steering the album towards completion is also very rewarding.

To give you an impression of just how good the vocals are that we recorded today, I’ll show you a small part from the song — Henny’s vocal submix only. Hope you enjoy it:


So, what’s left for this song?

– Clean male vocals
– Growls
– Acoustic guitar (the one you hear in the previous demo is fake from a guitar sampler)

Piece of cupcake, right? Yup, totally 😉

Have a nice week

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