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Welcome on board!

Konichiwa everyone!

Please welcome with me our two latest crew members, Laura and Cheryl-Renée!

Laura has already appeared on “Ship of the Moon” and will lend her beautiful and mystic voice to a couple of more songs shortly. Cheryl has just recorded vocals for “Wheel in Space”, and we’re going to show you a bit of that later this spring; Cheryl’s range of voicings also includes an amazing operatic style. Go to the “Musicians” area to find Laura’s and Cheryl’s mini-bio.

laura_with_mike.jpg Cheryl-Renée Childs
Laura Cheryl-Renée

It is safe to assume that the female vocalist section for voXager is now complete with Henny, Laura & Cheryl. There will be another addition to the crew on the male vocalist front shortly — more about that later this millennium 😉

Nobody’s gonna be sued today, right?
Alrighty then, off you go!


March 18th, 2008

And we have a winner.

Or haven’t we?

Well, the long promised new version of song #2 is online now. Just head over to the downloads area, and listen to “Lizards”. Yes I know, it doesn’t seem as if anything has changed, but hear me now & believe me later: It has 🙂 Version 38 of the song has now some more low end, and a little less treble. It should be well balanced mix-wise and a pleasure to your ear. At least more pleasurable than before 🙂 Don’t forget, though, this is still a roughmix version.

Don’t sue me.
At least not that hard, ok? 🙂

March 9th, 2008