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Ship Of The Moon

We had a ship full of faulty equipment. We had a ship full of lizards. Now we have a shipful of new musicians. And they’re on their way to the stars! Head over to the download area to listen to the roughmix of “Ship Of The Moon”, the first song to feature John at the drums and Laura at the microphone. Enjoy!

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September 11th, 2007

Welcome to the Drums

John WootenEverybody stop what you were doing for a second to welcome John Wooten, the man at the drumkit!
John is tracking drums for voXager for quite a while already, albeit up to now, somewhat behind the scenes. In a couple of days, however, the first songs with his excellent drumwork will be uploaded into the download section of this site, so today is the perfect time for this introduction. So everybody rise to your feet and say hi 🙂

Anything else? Yes. We’ve now got all the guitars for the first five songs tracked via (and to be re-amped with) a PodXt Pro, and man, do they sound fat now! Sven and I were quite pedantic with respect to timing and audio quality, so be prepared for an indian summer blast…

Apart from that, there may be upcoming news at the vocalist front soon, but you’ll have to wait just a few days longer, dear Ms. Void (I mean, c’mon, is anybody unrelated to voXager or the musicians reading this blog at all?), until this bit of info will be unveiled.

Oh, and btw, the introductory quotes preceding many of the songs have now been recorded by a professional native american voice talent. I’ll post a sample RSN (real soon now).

Yours truly,
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PS: After this blog entry, I’m obviously running low on (brackets). Anybody willing to send me a pack of alphabet soup without the alphabet? Thx in advance… 😉

September 4th, 2007