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It’s a long way to Tipperary

But if I have to go a long way anyway and can’t use the car, then you might as well bet the better half of your private parts on it that I’m not going to Tipperary. I’m gonna Betelgeuse, Begelgeuse, Betelgeuse! Now what? Where’s the little guy, and where’s Winona? Ah, man, those drugs…

However, the reason I’m writing to you today, dear Ms. Void, is because I neglected doing so for the most of two months. It’s about time to reassure you once again that voXager’s not a corpse yet (albeit some of the musicians involved are certainly close. Names remain undisclosed due to our unspecified, yet very strict, privacy policy).

Well. I thought I’d upload the work-in-progress version of another song for you. It hasn’t got much non-virtual going on yet (apart from Sven’s guitar solo), but I suppose it sounds quite alright anyway. Song 4 — working title “Split Seconds” — has one of the most brutal double-bass and shredding parts of all voXager so far, albeit you wouldn’t suspect that from the relatively quiet first part, until it jumps into your face feet first sometime after three or four minutes.

Anyways, here goes:


Have phun, stay tuned, stay drugged and remember, I’m always

Yours truly
just don’t sue me

June 7th, 2007