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Not Dead Yet!

March 31st, 2007 at 03:46pm helge

In fact, alive and kicking. Well, kicking, at least 🙂

I’ve thrown out what was meant to be song #2 about a month ago, because it was too wishy-washy for the dramatic events covered in this song. After all, the story gets going for good here! Dramatic were also my enduring attempts at producing a song better fitting this place. Dramatic, albeit puny at first. I struggled with ideas, measures, tempi, melody lines and whatnot hours and hours every day for nearly a month. I would create a variation at night, and hate it the next morning. I deleted, removed and arranged frantically, and probably lost about half my scalp over this.

Until I finally came up with what you’ll find here. It is, however, not yet finished (I know, I’m repeating myself all over the place), and it’s still missing the guitars. But I have a very clear idea of where it’s going from here, some rough ideas about the vocal parts, and I’ve already started the lyrics. Have fun!


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