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Don’t listen to this song!

March 9th, 2007 at 02:57am helge

Because, dear girls, you’re going to hear it a few more times. Better save it for when it’s done! No? You’re sure? Okay. Here goes:


I’ve cleaned up the song a little from the previous version, and added a small keyboard solo (I admit to having edited the 32s in the matrix editor). I might remove it later, because I’m not so certain about it. The vocals and lyrics are, of course, still fake. I do like the melody, however, so unless the vocalists have a better idea, it’ll stay that way. Also, I temporarily suspened the chorus, but it’ll be back with a vengeance. Or just be back. However, the very calm synth part you hear in the end is intended to be the bridge/middle part and it’s not going to stay in this place. I’m going to insert another verse, and perhaps some instrumental thing right before it.

I pulled some bass from the intro part via EQ automation, because the toms were booming like mad. Afer the intro, the bass is put back in. It’s not consciously noticeable, so you’ve gotta take my word on it.

The song is not actively being worked on at the moment, though, because I recently decided to work my way through the album chronologically. So it’ll be quite some time before the next version of song 15 will appear here.

Perhaps you’d like to listen to it after all? It might be a long good-bye! 🙂

Yours truly,
don’t sue me,

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