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Song 15: Bravery Of A Saurian

January 28th, 2007 at 03:20am helge

“What? Brave saurians? What did the guy smoke?” — No, really, you gotta believe me! Nopileos is his name, and he’s some walking talking lizzard of the third kind. The nice kind! But… let’s start a little earlier.

In october 2006 I bought a nice software instrument that faithfully recreates the sound of a Mellotron. I zapped through the tape banks and let my hands more or less fall on my keyboard, producing this sequence of chords:


That had a quite sad ring to it, so I saved it as “Brennan’s Death”, and made a mental note to use it as an intro to song 8, in which Elena receives information about her friend’s death. After saving the song, I forgot about it for the time being.

In the meantime, Sven had started composing a cool piece of music for exact the same spot on the album, so I was reminded of the Mellotron chords. I dug them out, and after careful consideration, reassigned them to song 15, “Final Part 2 / Bravery Of A Saurian”.

This song, together with the preceding “Final Part 1 / Hero From Afar” is to be the climax of the album. In it, the protagonists escape the patriarch of Nif-Nakh, to be eventually saved by a heroic effort of their saurian friend, Nopileos. He destroys a pursuing jet fighter by crashing his own, unarmed, spaceship into it, which then crashes into the jungle, burning.

Anyways – those Mellotron chords from october were not played very tightly, so I started by fixing the timing. Then I added a concluding chord to the end of the second cycle. To make it sound smoother, I compressed the Mellotron a little and added some reverb. An ugly reverb, admitted, but I don’t have anything better right now. I think the guys in the studio will have the right stuff. Here’s what the Mellotron sounds like after the modifications:


I don’t want the intro to become too long, however, starting with a few bars of acoustic guitar noodling might be nice. So I did that (sounds somewhat like Iced Earth, doesn’t it?), and also added the first few bars of drums:


Perhaps we can have a few lines of vocals here already. I need to think about that.

I have a relatively clear vision of where this is heading. The song will become much faster. I’ll be adding some crushing electric guitar mimicking the rhythm of the drums, and then fall into some instrumental thing before hitting the first vocal part….

But that, kids, is a story for another day…

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