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Money, money, money

January 26th, 2007 at 11:33am helge

Is voXager about money? It’s not, right? Well, here’s the breaking news: It is about money – in a way. However, it’s not about earning money, not in the first place anyway; it’s about spending money. By me, thy humble (and likely, soon to be bankrupt ;-)) initiator of the project.

How so? Wasn’t it the goal to produce an album in the home studio, at no cost at all? No, not quite so – sure, I’d like to cut on the cost as much as possible, but there are things that can’t sensibly be done at home, and additionally, there are a few other factors that need mentioning:

  • Drum recordings. There’s simply no way to do this at home. Except, of course, you’ve got a studio in the basement of your house and have the knowledge how to do things right. I don’t.
  • Vocal recordings. Yes, I own a nice large-diaphgram, tube-amplified condenser microphone, that should theoretically do a fine job. But I have no recording booth, plus, I haven’t got enough experience with that.
  • Mixing and mastering. I’d like to have this done with as much analog outboard equipment as humanly possible, by folks who know exactly what they’re doing. I’ve got to call on somebody else for this as well.
  • Soft- and hardware. I’ve already spent more than €1200 on software, and I’m only counting what I bought specifically for voXager. I’ll spend about the same amount until I’m complete.
  • Distribution. Will be done mostly online, but there’ll also be a limited number of professionally manufactured discs in shrink-wrapped jewelcases with color booklets for your CD shelf. Both, online and physical, will cost a pretty penny – let’s just hope it’s not too damn pretty.

So there you go. Yes, I’d still like to cut on the cost wherever possible, but not if this means compromising quality. I’m aware that, at the end of the day, I’ll have sunken a few k€. I’ll be broke, like, y’know, totally – but rest assured, I’m not going to regret it in the least! The music will be put under a Creative Commons Licence nevertheless, and be freely downloadable just as it was planned right from the start. Yeah, I’m Geezus H. Krist, your saviour, now worship me 😉

Well, not really. But bordering on it, am I not? 😀

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